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LA’s Newest Nightclub: Vignette

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LA’s Newest Nightclub: Vignette


vignette nightclub LAs Newest Nightclub: Vignette 

 …you likely haven’t heard promotions for Vignette’s nights, as they are working off word-of-mouth, rather than mass texts and FB invites (vom)

You know that Bacardi commercial set in the 1920’s with dozens of beautiful models dancing around together, looking as though they’re having the best night of their life? Find yourself in that dream at 8623 Melrose Avenue.


Welcome to Vignette.

vignette logo 225x300 LAs Newest Nightclub: VignetteThe new lounge from Reza Roohi sits in the completely redesigned space where the fashionable and exclusive Villa once lived. And trust me, the remodel has only served to escalate the posh exclusivity the address is known for. Roohi transformed his 2,000 sq ft space into a turn of the century theater, complete with aged brick walls, balcony viewing boxes, and a DJ booth that situated upon a small wooden stage.

Vignette manages to avoid the worst of many large-scale nightclub clichés, while still offering the necessities: great DJs, a tight door, scantily clad dancers, and table service. But don’t venture inside expecting just another night of club music, go-go’s, and bottles– Reza has customized his new club down to the smallest details, and the details are spectacular. If you purchase a table, a few wonders you’ll encounter are the invitation to order specialty cocktails, rather than just bottles; offerings of popcorn from an old-fashioned machine, including toppings of cheddar, salts, or even truffle oil;  and for $200, you can indulge in the suggestion of ordering a stripper pole to your table for the amusement of your guests (females only, please!).

Invited patrons without tables can similarly enjoy the privileges particular to Vignette: specialty cocktails made from 15 fresh-squeezed juices stirred by the resident mixologist, a topless dancer who wanders the edgier upstairs, and open-format DJs who will even take requests with the right encouragement.

Needless to say, the new club is beautiful and unique, and its door is built to match. You likely haven’t heard promotions for Vignette’s nights, as they are working off word-of-mouth, rather than mass texts and FB invites (vom). While the lack of promotion is nice for everyone’s phone bill, it can take some work getting into this door, which is billed as “Invite Only.” Dress right, be beautiful, and treat the door man like he’s Brad Pitt, and you just might be invited into the greatest theater to never host a play.


8623 Melrose Ave.
West Hollywood, CA 90069


Address:  8623 Melrose Avenue. There’s no sign on the door, so look for the velvet ropes.

Open:  Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays. All nights are fun, but expect more bang for your buck on a Saturday night.

Tables: $500, $800, $1,000. Remember, your cash can go towards purchasing cocktails, not just bottles. And save money for the stripper pole, of course.



Valet:  $15.  There is also street parking, but READ STREETSIGNS. WeHo is a notorious parking death-trap.

Vodka Redbull:  $11.  The bartender was a sexy femme who was nice to everyone. Bonus points.

Music:  Old school pop to classic hip-hop to a bit of house. I heard “Sweet Home Alabama” mixed into Khia’s “My Neck, My Back”… I’m 100% sure that’s not was Lynyrd was thinking when he said “sweet.”

Dress Code: The club is on Melrose, and the clientele looks as though mannequins from the stores have walked into a nightclub—fashionable, yet understated, and classy, but sexy. Stilettos, skinny jeans, suspenders, Brandy Melville, Chucks, and blazers are good places to start. Leave the Hollywood stripper-store dresses and heels where they belong—on Hollywood Blvd.


vignette weho LAs Newest Nightclub: Vignette

vignette lounge LAs Newest Nightclub: Vignette

vignette west hollywood LAs Newest Nightclub: Vignette

vignette old villa e1350005483560 LAs Newest Nightclub: Vignette





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