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Eat. Drink. Party. Repeat. Holy 5hit. It’s less than 12 hours away from the big night & you don’t have any plans. A lot of parties are already sold out, or will be sold out [...]

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Eat. Drink. Party. Repeat. Holy 5hit. It’s less than 12 hours away from the big night & you don’t have any plans. A lot of parties are already sold out, or will be sold out [...]

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The Emerson Theatre Nightclub – SBE’s Newest Venue Hits Hollywood HOLLYWOOD NIGHTCLUBS | LOS ANGELES NIGHTLIFE  —————— The allure of the prohibition era is alive and well in LA. . Perhaps HBO’s Boardwalk Empire show [...]

What to Expect from Nightclubs in Hollywood and Los Angeles

When night falls, Hollywood stands as host to some of the most eclectic nightlife and clubbing experiences in the world. Nightclubs in Hollywood often feature the best in DJs and music, as well as a world-class dance scene and service primed for the elite in Hollywood culture. Places such as Hollywood Boulevard, the Sunset Strip and West Hollywood are cram-packed with nightclubs with nearly a pebble’s-throw in between, making bar-hoping easy.

Don’t be too surprised to catch a celebrity sighting, as it’s all part of the glamorous Los Angeles night club experience. A-list celebs and socialites can often be found in the most exclusive Hollywood nightclubs, but fair warning, it may be difficult to get past the velvet ropes and tight security into these sought-after night clubs in Los Angeles. This exclusivity and elitism is key to maintaining the club’s cutting-edge “hotness.” If you desire to gain access to the most exclusive clubs, there are a few things you should keep in mind: First, it always helps to know someone who works at the club and work your way in. If you don’t know anyone working at a particular club, doing research on the staff helps, particularly on their work history. You can feign an acquaintanceship with the staff and say, “Remember me? We met when you worked back at Hemingway’s Lounge!” Even if that staff member doesn’t remember you, they’ll feel partial to you for remembering. Second, follow the club’s dress code and rules, no matter how strict, even if you don’t like or agree with them. Throwing a fit with the bouncer will not help you, and even worse, the bouncer will likely throw you out and remember you the next time you show up in line. Some bouncers are turned off by bribes, so don’t take that risk unless you heard otherwise that a bouncer will take them. If a bouncer shuts you down, be polite and look elsewhere.

But if seeing the rich and famous isn’t your thing, many Los Angeles night clubs are less stringent and pretentious and more low-key with no dress code. Such clubs will accept you as you are and offer a comfortable, fun night out for you and your friends. Whether your desire is to cut it up on the dance floor or share a drink with you and yours, clubs in Hollywood offer variety to suit your desires.

A diverse sampling of various nightclubs in Hollywood are shown below. Feel free to explore the site to find more options.

The Avalon, Hollywood nightclubs


1735 N Vine St

Hollywood, CA 90028

(323) 462-8900

4 Stars

Few current clubs in Hollywood have a history as deep as the Avalon Hollywood, near the corner of Hollywood and Vine. The ownership of this venue has shuffled hands several times since its establishment in the 1930’s (back under its first name, The Hollywood Playhouse). CBS bought the establishment in the 1950’s and renamed it The El Capitan Theatre, where it hosted a wide-range of radio and television broadcasts, including “The Lawrence Welk Show,” “This is Your Life,” and other shows that brought Bob Hope, Judy Garland and Bing Crosby to public awareness. Ownership changed once again was renamed The Hollywood Palace, where it hosted acts such as Merv Griffin, The Beatles and Fred Astaire. The establishment underwent restorations, changed owners in 2002 and became known by its current name, Avalon Hollywood. It is currently the venue for Rolling Stones’ Grammy parties, movie premiers and frequent live shows.

The interior has a large dance floor, with architecture as a blend of classic baroque with modern touches. Getting on the guest list for the night of your arrival is advisable, as the cover charge increases for those not on the list. Fridays, known here as “Control Fridays,” are 18+ , whereas most other nights are 21+.

Fubar, nightclubs in Hollywood


7994 Santa Monica Boulevard

West Hollywood, CA 90046

(323) 654-0396

4 Stars

With the tagline, “Not Your Father’s Gay Club,” Fubar has garnered a citywide reputation, being selection as the “#2 Best Gay Bar in Los Angeles” by LA Weekly. The venue is on the smaller side compared to other gay clubs in West Hollywood, but boasts some of the most cutting-edge club promoters in the city. Every Tuesday is karaoke night, with the weekends featuring various renowned DJs. Fubar isn’t without its quirks, such as a photo booth and old school videogame tables. This club never has a cover charge after 10PM.



1645 Wilcox Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90028

(323) 871-8233

4 Stars

Only 175 people maximum are allowed into this ultra-luxurious club per Tuesday and Thursday night, so make sure you get there early, even if you manage to get on the guest list. Decked in mahogany and brown leather couches, the club has the ambiance of your wealthy uncle’s study, but with fewer books, a high-end bar and more beautiful, famous faces. Arguably amongst the most low-key of the A-list Hollywood nightclubs, this club’s nondescript entrance is a plain yellow door wedged within a common hotdog establishment, Papaya King. One musical act is accommodated per night, but is not announced in advance.


1154 Glendale Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90026

(213) 413-8200


4 Stars

This Echo Park venue offers a casual hipster ambience without the inconvenience of overly-priced drinks. Bootie LA has a $5 cover before 10PM and $10 afterwards. You can also download mash-ups from their website free of charge, or get a free mash-up CD if you’re one of the first 100 people in the venue that night. The go-go dancers are also inventive and unique in their costumes, ranging from dancers dressed as pink astronauts and mummies

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