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Industry Profile: Georgie Margareti – Saturday Night Special

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Industry Profile: Georgie Margareti – Saturday Night Special

~ By Jane E. Sussman 

saturday night special Industry Profile: Georgie Margareti   Saturday Night Special

“Bark all you want. You put four fat girls out there and they’re never getting in…”

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Georgie Margareti is taking matters into his own hands. As a writer trying to get traction in Hollywood for years, he grew tired of having to “walk on your knees and listen to them telling you what to do.” Armed with a suspenseful, sexy script, he decided that he would have to market it himself. The idea: host a party. Start a site. Would-be patrons of the party have to upload a picture of themselves to the site and visitors to the site vote on the picture: hot or not. If you’re hot, there’s your entré into the party.

gm2 Industry Profile: Georgie Margareti   Saturday Night Special

They have their own nebulous way of saying you’re too ugly. Every good nightclub runs around this principle – the best nightclubs in this town have the best looking people,” said Margareti. “This is my short film, it’s going to run every Friday, Saturday night until someone takes a closer look at it.

He came upon the dating site beautifulpeople.com and saw the attention it received in June, 2011, after a glitch in their computer system allowed unattractive people on, causing the site to delete upwards of thirty thousand members. “People were appalled, but bad publicity is good,” said Margareti.

The concept of the party – being voted into a party depending on the aesthetics of your picture posted on a website, voted on by anonymous viewers – loosely follows a subplot of his script for Saturday Night Special; a story about three cads who are punished by a mysterious entity for their treatment of women.

Instead of sell bottles, sell tables, sell bottles… (I am) selling the clients to each other,” said Margareti.

When considering the response to this voting system, he said “Bark all you want, no publicity is bad publicity. You put four fat girls out there and they’re never getting in. The same things happen in every nightclub, they just don’t talk about it. (The bouncer is) looking everyone up and down. This is just more in your face.”

This is his way out of the system. Margareti spent years trying to follow typical paths to break into the writing world of Hollywood. Workshops, pitch fests, representation. He’s written nine scripts, had a couple optioned, but he realized that he did not want to be part of a “giant cattle herd.”

Even after reading all those scripts, some agents would still be asking him what else he’s written. Seriously? “I’m not a library, dude, this is what I have, can you market it?” He encountered vacillation, rejection, and balked at the idea of going from film festival to festival peddling his short film.

He’s been able to finance the project himself so far, through the success of an online business venture that he stumbled upon a few years ago – mattress re-sale. He is the proprietor of half a dozen websites selling mattresses, and he said, “when you have something that gives you this much leverage, you have time to get into other things.” He has an eye for demand; “When I throw (water bed) heaters up on ebay in the winter time, they snap them up.”


*** A hustler’s hustler, Margareti’s first event will take place in October 2012. To see if your mug is pretty enough to make it into the “beautiful people ONLY” party, click HERE.



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