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#RealTalk: LA Insider Profile – Beau Laughlin of The Hudson, The Churchill, & Clover

Daniel Farr March 8, 2013 CULTURE 1 Comment

#RealTalk: LA Insider Profile - Beau Laughlin (Owner, Cardiff Giant)


beau laughlin churchill  #RealTalk: LA Insider Profile   Beau Laughlin of The Hudson, The Churchill, & Clover


For our LA Insider profile this month we’re featuring an interview with one of this city’s hospitality gurus, Beau Laughlin. Beau is one of the owners of Cardiff Giant – a hospitality group that currently owns and operates The Hudson, The Churchill, and Clover.


1.) Where are you originally from and what brought you to Los Angeles?

I was born in Eugene and grew up in Seattle.  Opportunity, lifestyle, and the weather brought me to LA.


2.) How did you get in to your line of work?

Dumb luck really. An opportunity presented itself and my friends and I jumped at it.  If you asked me 4 years ago if I ever thought I would be in this business I would have told you that you were crazy.

logo 1  #RealTalk: LA Insider Profile   Beau Laughlin of The Hudson, The Churchill, & Clover


3.) What’s the little-known secret to your success?

I think the biggest reason for our success is that we’re really not driven by what everyone else is doing. Sure we appreciate and admire the accomplishments of other restaurateurs and hospitality groups, but what other people do or don’t do isn’t a factor in our decisions.

Our team is very collaborative and aggressive and we truly feel we’re just competing against ourselves to continually raise the bar.


4.) Your most commonly Instagram-ed food item?

I’m not on instagram or twitter.  Facebook is about all I can muster. I recently posted about our fresh cold-pressed juice from Clover.


249372 10150262717554678 1911575 n  #RealTalk: LA Insider Profile   Beau Laughlin of The Hudson, The Churchill, & Clover

5.) Rate your dancing skills on a scale of 1-to-10.

I think they’re a 10, the reality is they’re probably a 7.


6.) How would you define your personal style?

Classic meets vintage, meets indie. My favorite places to shop are American Rag, RRL, Topman, Confederacy, and J-Crew if that helps.


7.) The favorites: Restaurant and Dive Bars?

The Apple Pan, La Poubelle, and Jones have always been go-to’s for years. Most recently I’ve been enjoying Bestia, some of the restaurants & dive bars on Vermont & Hillhurst in Los Feliz, and Sassafras.


8.) Day drinker OR late night rager?



9.) Band/Artist you would scream like a 12-year-old girl to see?

It’s embarrassing to say that despite being from Seattle I never saw Nirvana.  Literally saw every other band in the genre from that era, but never saw them. Bums me out to this day, as they were a big part of my youth.


10.) Single, Taken, or It’s Complicated? What is the most important quality you look for in someone you date?

Single, but workin on it.  The two most important qualities I look for in someone I date is definitely a great sense of humor and having their own sense of self.

clover logo  #RealTalk: LA Insider Profile   Beau Laughlin of The Hudson, The Churchill, & Clover


11.) Would you rather be poor and happy OR rich and 99 problems?

Poor & Happy


12.) Worst part about LA? Best part?

Worst part is the traffic. For me the best part about LA is that there are really no limits. You can create your own reality and the town couldn’t be more conducive to collaboration and an entrepreneurial spirit. Whether you’re in the hospitality game, the entertainment industry, an actor, musician, or just have a yearning for creating your own path, I can’t think of a better place that embraces this way of life. It’s fun being around like-minded people going through a similar process.


13. ) What’s next for you?

Professionally we’re working on about 8+ new projects, and a couple of music festivals over the next 14 months.  Mostly restaurant and bar concepts as well as a couple of entertainment venues.

On a personal note, four buddies and I are training for a full ironman distance triathlon.  It sounded great on paper, but admittedly it’s been a little rough juggling the training schedule and work demands. We’re not looking to break records; it’s really just a bucket list thing for all of us. Fingers crossed!



The Churchill
8384 West 3rd St.
West Hollywood, CA 90048
Facebook  /  Twitter  /  Website


The Hudson
1114 N Crescent Heights Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90046
Facebook  /  Twitter  /  Website


Clover Juice
342 S. La Brea Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90068
Facebook  /  Twitter  / Website






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