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How To Dump Her Like a Man

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How To Dump Her Like a Man


break up text How To Dump Her Like a Man


You may not be into the person you’re dating or want to continue the relationship any further and that is fine. Repeat, it is okay. However, that doesn’t mean you should be a huge douche — you should properly bid farewell to your paramour.

If you’re having trouble remembering how to be a man, you break up with your short-term lover like you would end any long-term relationship (the added bonus here is that, unlike a long-term relationship break-up, your 3 month old relationship hopefully won’t be as dramatic or messy). You can even have a conversation with all the normal justifications peppered in:

break up with a girl How To Dump Her Like a Man

“It’s not you, it’s me.”

“I’m just not ready to be in a relationship.”

“You’re great, I’m just making my career my top priority right now.”


Face-to-face communication is always best and beats simply 
ignoring the frantic texts she’ll send you asking you what you’re up to tonight, or multiple phone calls she’ll make, and shunning bars you know your ex-lover frequents, in order to avoid an awkward situation. And, since we’re on the topic of communication…

…Breaking up with a girl via text is NOT the manly way
to end things. In fact, any guy who ever broke up with a girl via text gets clowned by all her girlfriends, guy friends, and acquaintances. You are a true P.O.S. if you think breaking up with someone over MMS is a reasonable method of getting the job done. That also goes for any other strategy involving digital communication like facebook messaging, email, or heaven forbid, a short tweet on Twitter.

 125 300x231 How To Dump Her Like a Man

Being Clear is essential. Don’t do any of that “Maybe down the road” nonsense if you know you don’t want to date her. It may seem like you’re being nice, but in reality, it’s actually quite cruel to leave her hanging. Be clear and specific. She’ll appreciate it later.

Be Considerate. Breaking up sucks, but if possible, point out some of the positive that came of your relationship.

Let Her Hate You. Yes, this is a tricky one. Everyone wants to go down in the books as the greatest guy ever, even though you broke her heart. But you know what, if she’s not emotionally ready to handle the nice guy breakup, be a man and let her think you’re an A-hole. At least in that scenario, she’ll be able to move on with her life. After all, you did dump her.

dumping her How To Dump Her Like a Man





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