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Finally It’s New Years | 3 Best NYE Parties in Los Angeles


Get Ready For The Best Year. Ever.

Hi. It’s been a while. But we’re about to make up for that. We’ve spent the entire year checking out every venue in Los Angeles. Why did we do this? How could that have possibly taken a year? Planning. We want to make sure your New Years is going to be the best of your entire life (until next year obviously). We’ve met with every venue, talked to every promoter, all so we could give you the low down & hook you up at the same time.

Check these 3 parties out. Send 2013 out with a bang.

1. DBA Nightclub

new years in Los Angeles DBA bottle service Finally Its New Years | 3 Best NYE Parties in Los Angeles

I don’t even know where to start with this one. Let’s just say it’s open bar, there will be naked ladies walking around, and it’s a blast (after all what else really needs to be said here?). This party is great. It’s the newest club in Los Angeles, and has a reputation for getting pretty wild (if you can’t tell by the previous two sentences). Good God this place is going to be insane for NYE. Just make sure you get tickets early, and obviously we got you covered with a solid 25% discount. New Years is a great time. More importantly it represents the greatness that will be 2014. You don’t want to start the year off by freezing your ass off outside a nightclub. Get a ticket. Take the ride.

NYE Ticket Link: https://www.electrostub.com/templatesites/checkout.cfm?checkoutID=60CA7C2D-0777-8B02-186EECF73B74A633|ES&

Promo Code (25% off): diso

Tables: daniel@dailyiso.com


2. The Roosevelt

ad30510ebbad4e419c96b1785f3228a0.imagejpeg.524345.jpg.2013 1231 NYE Roosevelt eFlyer Proof v6 Finally Its New Years | 3 Best NYE Parties in Los Angeles


The Roosevelt is such a great party every year. We had to recommend it once more. This year they booked Natalia Kills as the DJ, along with a lot of really solid local talent. This place is big, the people are attractive, and most importantly if you need a place to sleep, just walk upstairs (assuming you book a room). This place is filled with a really great promoting team, which provides a lot of attractive people. Check this one out if you have any doubts about the first option.

NYE Ticket Link (25% off): http://www.flavorus.com/event/NYE-at-The-Roosevelt/197915

Promo code: diso

Tables: daniel@dailyiso.com


3. Create Nightclub

create nightclub los angeles nye Finally Its New Years | 3 Best NYE Parties in Los Angeles

I don’t know how you even managed to scroll down to this party (seriously, DBA & The Roosevelt will be epic), but you’ll be glad you did. If you want to go flat-out balls to the walls. Create Nightclub with Laidback Luke is going to be your move. This place is a madhouse. It’s a huge venue that packs a serious party. Get your tickets early (assuming it isn’t sold out already), and get ready to tell some stories. As usual, we have everything you need:

NYE Ticket Link: http://createnightclub.com/show.cfm?id=110561&key=es_fFX0PJ3G2K&cart

Promo Code: It has both presales and RSVP option. Coupon code “PN10″ or “PN20″ can be provided to guests for instant 10% or 20% off tickets.

Tables: daniel@dailyiso.com


There you have it. Your top 3 options for NYE in Los Angeles. Get out there and bring back a story worth telling.




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