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8 Things Every Man Should Have in His Pockets

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8 Things Every Man Should Have in His Pockets



As a woman giving advice to a man about what should be in his pockets everyday, this can be a rather laughable analysis devoid of any truth or surprisingly close to truth. Either way, there are essential items all men should have on their person no matter what, safely tucked away in a pocket, messenger bag, fanny pack, or other man-bag of personal choosing.


1. An Organized Wallet

Jack Spade Wallet 300x247 8 Things Every Man Should Have in His PocketsObviously, you need to put your do-dads somewhere and a perfectly organized wallet is one of the items you need in your pocket. That way, you won’t lose your dollar bills amongst a rat’s nest of crumpled receipts from 2011, random business cards, and whatever else might be lurking in the deep recesses of your wallet. And speaking of wallets. If you’d like to hang on to more of that green to actually put into it, you may just want to consider speaking to a financial advisor about it in Beverly Hills.

Jack Spade Crosshatched Leather Wallet
$90 at Nordstroms




2. One Condom

condoms things ever man should carry in his pockets 300x297 8 Things Every Man Should Have in His Pockets


Usually tucked away in some hidden pouch in said organized wallet, an extra condom ready for use is always important — you never know when sex will come a’calling and it is always important protect your sexual health.

LifeStyles Tuxedo Black Condoms (48 pack)
$8 at Lifestyle on Amazon





3. Mobile Phone

apple iphone 8 Things Every Man Should Have in His PocketsUnless you’re the type who doesn’t like to be tracked down in the amount of time it takes to compose text, then don’t forget your mobile phone. These days, your social life is your iPhone5. (I don’t know how guys can tolerate stashing their mobile device in their pockets, but somehow it works for you.)

iPhone 5
$199 (w/ contract) on Apple




4. Keys (Home and Car)

keychain 8 Things Every Man Should Have in His PocketsI mean, how would you get into your home after driving responsibly, i.e. drunk? (Again, I don’t see how dudes stuff a key chain into their pockets and still remain comfortable sitting down).

Lucky Line Pull-Apart Key Ring
$4.03 on Amazon




5. Cigarettes

candy cigarettes 300x292 8 Things Every Man Should Have in His PocketsIf you’re a smoker, then you’ll need to take up more pocket space, most likely an entire pocket for your cigs. Seriously, at this point, your pants probably look like the interior of Mary Poppins’ carpet bag — I wouldn’t be surprised if you could fit an entire lamp in your jeans.

Machismo Candy Cigarettes
$2.99 from Perpetual Kid




6. A lighter

zippo lighter 8 Things Every Man Should Have in His PocketsFor previously mentioned cigarettes (not the candy ones), lights for other strangers, or in case you need to work out some MacGyver sh*t by night’s end — YOU NEVER KNOW.

Zippo Lighter
$7.08 on Zippo on Amazon







7. A notebook/moleskin

leather notebook e1358195380374 8 Things Every Man Should Have in His PocketsBecause everyone needs to take notes, write down a funny joke, draw a materpeice, or forever remember a moment. I may or may not be romanticizing every man into my dream man (Ernest Hemmingway…when he was old), or I may just be hipster scum.

Chestnut Leather Pocket Journal
$25 from Amazon




8. A pencil, a small one. Like the kind you use when you golf.

small pencils 8 Things Every Man Should Have in His PocketsThe pencil is so you can write your notes in your moleskin, use it as a shiv when/if you get into bar fights, or if you need to pull some MacGyver sh*t because you’ve lost your keys

Golf Pencils (pack of 144)
$10.19 on Amazon









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